Acne Prone Skin Care – What’s Causing Your Acne, and How to Fix It

Have you ever stopped to wonder what lifestyle-related activities might be causing your acne? I’ll give you a hint; it’s not just things like eating chocolate and having oily skin that lead to nasty red bumps on your face, chest, and back; there’s lots of other factors that come into play with your acne. Here’s some of the causes of acne that you might not know about, as well as a solution for acne prone skin care that you might want to look into.

Causes of your acne could include:

1. Exercise: I love to work out, on my elliptical, the weight machine, stretches, free weights – you name it. But it wasn’t until I talked to my dermatologist about my lifestyle that she told me my exercise could be a contributing factor in my acne.

2. Hormones: It’s not just the hormones in your body that might be causing acne. Added hormones in milk, red meat, and other farm produce can lead to weight gain, early puberty, and acne in many individuals.

3. Stress: There’s not much you can do about controlling the stress in your life with acne prone skin. There’s ways of dealing with it, but the bills still come, there’s still rent to pay, you still have to study for that final exam, etc. No matter how you personally deal with stress, the way your body handles your stress in a subconscious manner could lead to increased acne all over your body.

So how do you go about finding acne prone skin care in these situations? Well, if you’re an avid work-out fanatic, make sure you take a shower (with soap, not just a rinse-off) after every workout session. Washing away the sweat that pools up on your skin will decrease the chances of acne forming.

As far as hormones go, you might want to consider finding organic meat or milk, if you think you’re eating or drinking enough hormone-injected foods to make a difference in your acne.

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