Acne Prone Skin Care – What’s Causing Your Acne, and How to Fix It

Have you ever stopped to wonder what lifestyle-related activities might be causing your acne? I’ll give you a hint; it’s not just things like eating chocolate and having oily skin that lead to nasty red bumps on your face, chest, and back; there’s lots of other factors that come into play with your acne. Here’s some of the causes of acne that you might not know about, as well as a solution for acne prone skin care that you might want to look into.

Causes of your acne could include:

1. Exercise: I love to work out, on my elliptical, the weight machine, stretches, free weights – you name it. But it wasn’t until I talked to my dermatologist about my lifestyle that she told me my exercise could be a contributing factor in my acne.

2. Hormones: It’s not just the hormones in your body that might be causing acne. Added hormones in milk, red meat, and other farm produce can lead to weight gain, early puberty, and acne in many individuals.

3. Stress: There’s not much you can do about controlling the stress in your life with acne prone skin. There’s ways of dealing with it, but the bills still come, there’s still rent to pay, you still have to study for that final exam, etc. No matter how you personally deal with stress, the way your body handles your stress in a subconscious manner could lead to increased acne all over your body.

So how do you go about finding acne prone skin care in these situations? Well, if you’re an avid work-out fanatic, make sure you take a shower (with soap, not just a rinse-off) after every workout session. Washing away the sweat that pools up on your skin will decrease the chances of acne forming.

As far as hormones go, you might want to consider finding organic meat or milk, if you think you’re eating or drinking enough hormone-injected foods to make a difference in your acne.

Medical Tourism in the Czech Republic

Whether visiting for medical reasons or otherwise, Prague tops the list as a travel destination. This world famous UNESCO city offers not only incredible sight-seeing and innumerable cultural events, but also top quality Laser Eye Surgery, Dentistry, Cosmetic surgery and non-elective surgery for unbeatable prices. One of the industrially developed countries of the world, Czech Republic is endowed with world class health care apparatus.

Facts for the Visitor

  • Prague is the capital and the biggest city in the Czech Republic with a population of just over 1.2 million. The Czech Republic is situated in central Europe, neighbouring Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland.
  • Prague is a very cosmopolitan city and many local people speak good English.
  • Prague Airport – one of the busiest and best connected airports in the region.
  • The country entered the E.U. in 2004

Prague – A Mecca for Medical Tourism

Prague is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism, This comes as no surprise given the fact that this beautiful city offers high quality treatment at very affordable prices.

The Czech Republic, and in particular, its capital Prague is “one of… the newly emerging medical tourism destinations. High standards of treatment combined with low prices, this central European country is closer to the UK than you may think with frequent low cost flights from various British airports. “

Adding to the appeal is the fact that Prague is the perfect city for short breaks. With lots to see and do, Prague also has a remarkably well-preserved old town, is of a compact size and has many inexpensive cafés, restaurants and accommodation

World Class Treatment

Many of Prague’s private hospitals and clinics are internationally accredited and offer the very latest, state-of-the-art facilities. Visiting patients benefit from both the advanced surgical amenities on offer as well as the clinical and people skills of the medical specialists and staff. Surgeons are of the highest calibre and prospective patients can feel safe in the knowledge that the hospital and medical industry in the Czech Republic is highly regulated and works to stringent international codes.

This country has one of the most efficient medical care system in the world, which is also illustrated by the fact that it has one of the lowest child birth mortality rates in the world as well as one of the safest transfusion blood supplies in the world.

Incidences of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and VRE (Vancomycin-resistant enterococcus) are at almost zero per cent and in all cases, every care is taken to protect the patient.

Exceptional Healthcare Value

While Czech Republic is aligned medically and culturally to Western Europe, the cost of the surgical care in this country is significantly cheaper. Prices vary depending on the particular surgical procedure required, but patients, on average, typically save around 50% on what they would have paid for the same operation at a hospital in another developed country, such as the United Kingdom, for instance.

To take a few examples:

  • The best available fully customized laser eye surgery IntraLasik Wavefront costs around 4400 Euro in UK or Ireland and only 1920 Euro in Prague.
  • Lower Eyelid surgery, which is also done outpatient, would cost more than 3000 Euro in UK and only 798 Euro in Prague.
  • Top class Swiss fast healing dental implants Straumann are 799 Euro in Prague, while you usually get just standard implants for 2500 Euro in UK or Ireland.

Why is it so affordable?

There are two medical systems in the Czech Republic, a publicly funded system (which is essentially free to Czech residents), and a private system for those who are willing to pay for top level health care. The Czech medical system is not, therefore, exposed to the potential ill effects of an overpowerful health insurance industry, as market prices are influenced by the Czech government, it being the biggest funder of health care in the country.


  • Most procedures in Prague are considerably more cost-effective than the same treatment in UK, Ireland and Western Europe (up to 85% less), with no compromise on quality.
  • Prague boasts world-class treatment and the finest facilities: Doctors contracted by medical providers such as PRAGA MEDICA are fully English-speaking and have no problems communicating with your medical team.
  • Effortless recuperation in a safe, friendly, peaceful and modern city.

Start Fresh With Skin Medica Skin Peel

We can’t fully reverse the signs of aging, but we can certainly give our skin a fresh start. The best anti-aging procedures offer benefits like: youthful-looking skin with little downtime, removing dead or damaged skin, and unveiling a whole new you. With the best skin peel system; Skin Medica’s Rejuvenises and Vitalize Peels provide you the highest level of satisfaction, delivering visible results in just one treatment.

The words “chemical peel” could make those unfamiliar with the procedure’s benefits anxious or scared; however, chemical peels are really just a form of exfoliation, a minimally-invasive and essential component of facial rejuvenation. Chemical peels optimize skin health and are beneficial for all skin types, skin colors and ages. Even if you think this procedure is not right for you, you may be surprised how quickly your skin responds.

Peels help remove damaged outer layers allowing a fresh, new layer of skin cells to naturally emerge. This results in both a renewing and therapeutic experience for the patient. If this renewal process could be achieved for every organ in the body, imagine how amazing we would feel!

A chemical peel has dual cosmetic and medical benefits. Cosmetically, skin renewal improves pore size, hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Medically, a chemical peel can improve acne, benign keratosis and actinic keratosis. We recommend chemical peels to those who want a more rapid improvement than a topical product could provide for those who don’t have time for laser treatments.

Chemical peels offer various benefits depending on skin type and desired result. Light peeling agents such as alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs)-glycolic, lactic or fruit acid, and Beta hydroxyl acids (BHAs)-salicylic acid are milder acids, induce a faster sloughing of the cells in the epidermis. Deeper peels are achieved with tricholoroacetic acid (TCA) and carbolic acid (phenol) and stimulate renewal in the dermis, the collagen-rich layer of the skin. Dermal regeneration can take weeks to months. The epidermis, however, heals in a few days giving the skin an improved appearance, more even skin color, smoother texture and a healthier glow. Specifically, chemical peels offer the following benefits:

  • Decreased fine lines, especially under the eyes and mouth
  • Improvement of mild scarring and certain types of acne
  • Reduction of skin discoloration, such as sun spots, age spots, freckles and blotchiness

Now wouldn’t you agree that you should take great care of your skin? Well what better way than to begin the new year with giving your skin what it deserves. Let your beauty shine!

Finding the Best Medical Care in Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and is the major political, cultural, and financial center of the country. Mexico City is the federal district with political autonomy within Mexico and is an important financial center in Latin America. This global city has been a major tourist destination and is home to several World Heritage Sites as declared by the UNESCO. 

Mexico City has a number of modern hospitals in both private and public sectors. Many of these hospitals offer high quality medical service at global standards. With many internationally known hospitals, visitors to Mexico City can be assured that their health needs will be properly addressed. All the leading hospitals are provided with service of English speaking staff.

The ABC Medical Center formerly known as American British Cowdray Hospital is the most popular, world class hospital in Mexico City. This service oriented, private health center with an excellent reputation is located at Calle Sur 136, on corner of Avenida Observatorio Col. Las Americas. Two well-known hospitals, the Hospital Americano and Sanatorio Cowdray combined to form this hospital in 1941. It has grown considerably through the years to become the premier health center of the country, which is a favorite in the foreign communities also. This hospital with 200 beds, 10 operating theaters and 7 outpatient surgery units is well known for its service ethics, best possible diagnostic, medical and surgical service, excellent management and possession of sophisticated devices and modern medical technology. This is the only private hospital in the city to attain the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) and General Health Council (CSG) accreditations which assures high quality and standards of hospital’s operations and facilities. More than 1,400 doctors are consulting in the 40 well equipped specialty centers. Some of these are neurology center, cancer center, transplant unit, nutrition, obesity and metabolic center which are particularly well known. The hospital has modern cardiovascular center, pediatrics and neonatal intensive care, advanced endoscopy unit, hemodialysis unit and a lung cancer early detection clinic. The Center also has College of American Pathologists (CAP) approved modern clinical, anatomical and pathological laboratories. The ABC Medical Center has state-of-the-art medical equipment including PET-CT Medical Imaging Unit, tomography, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and digital mammography. The hospital has excellent emergency service and heliport. The ABC Medical Center is also a renowned training center and has established another 60 bed hospital at the Santa Fe Campus. Telephone: 5230-80-00: 5515-83-59 (Emergency) 5230-81-61

Medica Sur is another reliable, modern, private hospital in Mexico with national and international reputation. This hospital located at Puente de Piedra 150 Col. Toriello Guerra Tlalpan, D.F. Medica Sur was established in 1982. Today Medica Sur is one of the most well known and best-equipped hospitals in Latin America staffed with many of the country’s most eminent doctors. The hospital is highly ranked for its state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology. The hospital has well equipped departments in all relevant clinical and surgical fields and their departments of cardiology, neurosurgery, oncology and imaging diagnosis are especially well known. The hospital is popular among foreign patients too and the hospital has established a separate international section for the convenience of expatriate seeking medical treatment. Medica Sur offers very comfortable accommodation in 53 rooms including 12 luxury suites. It also has additional on site facilities including pharmacies, gift shop, bank, restaurant, coffee shops, ecumenical church and internet. The hospital has achieved approvals from many prestigious international organizations like ISO 9001-2000, Federal Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), General Health Counsel and The College of American Pathologists. In addition to the general sections, the hospital operates many special clinics and treatment units like the liver clinic, child/teen obesity, aesthetic surgery, anorexia. Telephone: 5606-60-11, 5606-22-77

Hospital Angeles Pedregal is another leading private hospital in Mexico with international standards and is located at Camino a Santa Teresa 1055 Col. Heroes de Padierna C.P. 10700 Mexico City. The hospital is notable for its outstanding quality, care and technological edge. Hospital Angeles Pedregal is a general hospital with 239 beds in 189 rooms including luxurious suites. The hospital offers high quality clinical, diagnostic and surgical service of global standard in all departments to meet every medical need of patients and employs more than 1,300 eminent doctors. The hospital has different specialized clinics like diagnosis clinic, adult and international traveler vaccination center, integral vascular disease center (CIEV), anxiety and depression clinic, bone metabolism clinic, integral care clinic for obese patients and ophthalmic laser clinic. The hospital also provides modern ICUs, umbilical cord stem cell bank, intermediate therapy unit, physiotherapy and rehabilitation department, respiratory support unit, blood bank, hemodialysis unit, magnetic resonance imaging unit, radio surgery and radiotherapy department and PET-CT0 unit. The hospital’s imaging section with departments in radiology, nuclear medicine, ultrasonography and computed tomography and clinical laboratory are comparable to the best in the world.

Skin Medica Dermal Repair Cream Review

If you are looking for all-in-one anti-aging cream that rehydrates your skin, reduces age spots, firms and repairs the texture of your skin, and contains high amount of antioxidant to combat free radicals, Skin Medica Dermal Repair Cream is the cream that you look for.

This luxurious cream is not like any other cream. Skin Medica Dermal Repair Cream ensures that every single cell in your skin is repaired, improved, and maintained. Your skin will regain its youth and suppleness, and you will also see your skin become firmer and look more radiant.

The secret of this product falls behind its formula and ingredients used. A jar of Skin Medica Dermal Repair Cream can be degraded to as much as 10% vitamin C, 8% vitamin E, lots of hyaluronic acids, and natural extracts, such as algae, aloe, oats, and olives. It is simply a jar full of powerful antioxidants!

We all know that vitamin C and E are free radical scavengers. They fight the aging process caused by environmental factors, such as pollutants, UV rays, and other harsh chemicals. However, in Skin Medica Dermal Repair Cream, these two vitamins are added to not solely help you to fight free radicals. Skin Medica has exclusively designed and formulated these vitamins, so that each of the vitamins they add into the cream also does stimulate the production of your skin’s collagen, hydrate and improve the texture of your skin.

With its ability to bind water as much as 40 times their weight, hyaluronic acid is the ingredient that responsible in giving your skin instant smoothness. You will notice any dry spot you have will suddenly be gone! And algae extract, on the other hand, boosts your skin with vitamins and minerals; helps your skin to restore its normal moisture content and suppleness.

However, if you currently have deep wrinkles and lines, and sagging skin, I am afraid that this cream will only deliver fair result. This cream is not designed to principally fight wrinkles and lines, but it is designed to prevent further free radicals damages of your skin that result in the formations of wrinkles, fine lines, age spot, and sagging skin.

Thus, Skin Medica Dermal Repair Cream is a perfect cream for you who have normal to dry or dry skin conditions who also are seeking a cream that can maintain your skin youthfulness, and it is not for you who are seeking for a cream that can help you to make your wrinkles and fine lines disappear.

Still not sure on which beauty product to choose from? I know finding the perfect beauty product for your skin is a difficult task. You can spend hours, if not days, just testing out various products. Even worse, you can end up buying an expensive product that your skin does not really need. You will end up wasting time and money with no results in the end.

Finding the Best Skincare Products

A lot of people at present are confused on how to find the best skincare products that truly focus on their problem areas. Knowing what a product or ingredient is for will effectively treat a variety of conditions as well as prevent untoward reactions like allergies, inflammation and infection. The right combination of substances will also ensure that your skin stays smooth and radiant for the long term.

Reversing the Aging Process Through Anti-Aging Skincare Products

Anti-aging products generally aim to reduce or eliminate symptoms that arise as a person ages such as wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, dark circles around the eyes, oiliness and age spots. Most effective skincare nowadays rely on a lot of natural ingredients that hydrate, moisturize and improve collagen production to support skin better. Some products are formulated using concentrated botanicals for a radiant and glowing appearance.

10% Phyto-Alexin-C compound is made of advanced 10% L-ascorbic acid or vitamin C, polydatin and resveratrol. These are phytoalexins commonly found in red wine that protect the skin from environmental stress. L-sodium hyaluronate boosts hydration greatly improving complexion and skin tone. Other ingredients useful in these skincare products are witch hazel extract that serves as a soothing astringent, black currant oil that acts as an emollient and antioxidant, cassia beta glycan extract which hydrates and moisturizes skin and squalane from olives as an emollient.

Keeping Skin Firm

A lot of adults worry about sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. It is important to get products that firm and moisturize skin since elastin and collagen production begins to slow down beginning the age of 25. Firming skin care products may include D-boldine, a potent antioxidant with anti-aging ingredients like L-superoxide dismutase, D-alpha tocopherol and glycine soja protein.

These are highly useful in protecting skin from free radical damage and maintaining moisture in problem areas. D-boldine extract or peumus boldus leaf extract comes from the Chilean boldo tree. D-alpha tocopherol is vitamin E which heals skin.

Other useful ingredients in most effective skincare solutions include epigallocatechin gallate which is a potent antioxidant from green tea. Whey protein brightens and improves skin complexion. Grape seed protects skin through detoxification. L-carnosin is an amino acid with antioxidant properties that keep skin soft and supple. L-glutathione is a chirally correct antioxidant from purslane and spinach. D20 or deuternium oxide hydrates and protects skin. Aminoguanidine keeps skin supple. Wine extract is an antioxidant that works well together with resveratrol producing more potent effects.

Fading Formula

A number of skincare products focus on fading problems signs by inhibiting hyperpigmentation, lightening discolorations, reducing age spots, wrinkles and fine lines and conditioning the skin entirely. A variety of ingredients may be included such as neem leaf extract which improves skin tone and clarity. Hamamelis extract or witch hazel is a chirally correct D-complex astringent.

L-lactic acid improves cell turnover and softens skin. Lemon peel extract or citrus medica limonum brightens complexion. Organic lemon peel and sweet orange essential oils stimulates and refreshes the skin. Antioxidants may also be present to further provide a fading effect.

Aim for products free of chemical preservatives, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances to avoid allergic reactions or untoward interactions with other products you’re current using. Read the instructions carefully for proper application and best results. You should use the first or second week as an observation phase to check for possible reactions.

How to Start a Home Health Care Business

For the past few decades, there is a steady proliferation in the in-home healthcare business. Many factors are held responsible for this development in the healthcare industry. While the average life expectancy has increased with the invention of newer healthcare facilities, there is also a steady growth in the working class of the population. Increase in the number of working people often leaves old parents vulnerable and lonely at home. Thus, there is an increasing lookout for trustworthy and highly professional home care operators. Do you know that the Natick VNA has empowered the patients not to go by the hospital’s referral but have the power to make informed decisions about the home care they would choose?

Do you want to know how to start a home health care business to help the people in your area? The most difficult part about venturing into a new business is getting the right start. Firstly, you must map out a proper plan of action that you need to follow strictly. Here are certain guidelines that you may follow:

* While you can set up the establishment of the home healthcare facility within your locality, it’s better to set up a business in place where the majority of the population is the baby boomers. It is mostly this generation that requires in-home care. Therefore, by setting up a healthcare service in such a locality would, on one hand help the aged generation and it will be beneficial for your business too.

* If you are pondering over the question – how to start a home health care business? You must start by getting a proper state license. The procedures for getting a license vary from one state to another. Therefore, you must contact your local government to know the proper procedures that you need to follow.

* While hiring health care professionals, you must check their valid nursing certification. It is preferable to go for professionals with prior experience. Remember it is better to hire professionals on contractual or part-time basis, rather than hiring full time employees. This will help you to control the costs in the initial phase of the business.

* Contact a reliable medical insurance company to get your business insured. While doing so, you must talk with the insurer and ensure that your business is suitable for meeting the requisite terms and conditions. If you are hiring health care aids, you should check their criminal records. This would ensure the safety your clients.

When you are venturing into a new business, it is always better to ask experts about the do’s and don’ts. Search for a reliable healthcare consultant who can suggest you about starting your healthcare business.

Tinnitus Treatment – The Options Available and the Best Cure

What can be as difficult and equally complicated as getting into a war against wind mill? Well, finding a permanent tinnitus treatment can be equally tricky and problematic. Similar to the nature of shingles, most medications provide an interim respite from tinnitus, but fail to come up with a permanent solution. However, if a holistic approach is adopted for treating tinnitus, patients can indeed hope to make a complete recovery. Symptoms of tinnitus include painful sensations in the ear, along with a discharge from the area (in addition to the customary ringing noises). If these symptoms actually manifest themselves, it is highly advisable to arrange a session with an ENT specialist, so that suitable corrective measures may be adopted. The factors listed above are not, however, diseases in themselves.

If medical experts indeed diagnose tinnitus as the chief culprit that is resulting in these symptoms that cause great distress to the patients, they suggest various methods of treatment accordingly. Given below are some of the common modes of tackling tinnitus related problems.

The Options Available For Tinnitus Treatment

o The powerful yet short-lived relief provided by medicines sold over the counter (OTC). Harmful side effects are a disturbing feature of these drugs,
o Generating ‘white noises’ and other alternative resonances, in order to distract the patients’ minds. Specially made masking tools and instruments are used for this purpose,
o The respite obtained by practicing ways to relax the body. The relief however is nothing more than illusory,
o Medicines with herbal ingredients, which are generally found to be of very little practical benefit,
o The relief obtained from homeopathic medicines. However, patients cannot hope for a complete cure with this
o The rather inconsequential tinnitus remedies that can supposedly be prepared at home.

Keeping in view the overall welfare and health of the person, it can safely be concluded that they should ideally stay away from these medications. These drugs are associated with many health hazards, including headaches, constipation and irregularities in the discharge of bowels, among others. Indeed, these side effects can take a far more serious turn than the usual ringing noises generated by tinnitus. However, at times, these noises cross all levels of endurance and the person is forced to opt for these OTC drugs.

A List Of The Most Popular OTC Drugs Used For Tinnitus Treatment:

o Botulinum toxin chemicals,
o Drugs like Melatonin,
o Different varieties of Tricyclics,
o Setraline compounds,
o Propranolol and/or Clonazepam,
o Lignocaine medications,
o Medications with Acamprostrate,
o Carbazepine and such other medicines, and
o Etidronate and/or Sodium fluoride.

Contrary to these rather harmful OTC medications, the tinnitus masking tools that try to give some relief to the affected people do not come with side effects. They work indirectly and make use of white noises and music bands. The types of sound effects used can range from the melodious patter of waterfalls, the swirl of water moving in a Jacuzzi, or the sounds generated from heights of about 40,000 feet, from the cockpits of a jet airplane. All these sounds are available in a pre-recorded CD, and can easily divert the attention of the distressed tinnitus patients. In fact, well known, famous musical tracks can act as equally effective ‘white noise’ as well, due to their interesting and beautiful tunes. However, these techniques of treating tinnitus only put a lid on the agony that can be caused by the disease, and do not cure the illness. All that can be achieved is a convenient way to avoid the full burden of the effects of the illness.

To combat tinnitus, it has to be ensured that the head and the neck of the affected person are receiving adequate blood. Herbal remedies are found to be particularly effective in this. Taking an example, the Ginkgo Biloba is noted for its ability to facilitate proper blood circulation in the human head and neck regions and thus it is often prescribed. Sesame seeds, which were first used by doctors of the Orient for treating tinnitus, have now gained favor among the medical experts in the US as well. Significant benefits are to be had, if tinnitus patients make it a habit to consume a combination of Black Cohosh and Ginkgo everyday in the morning on an empty stomach.

The Periwinkle herb is held in high regard as a useful medicinal plant. This herb yields a compound called Vincamine. The Vincamine compound has been a long-standing ingredient of the treatment procedures of health hazards like tinnitus and Ménière’s syndrome, among German medical practitioners. This chemical needs to be consumed only in its prescribed dosage volumes (thrice everyday, and 25 milligrams per day). Adequate care should be taken to prevent accidental overdoses, since that can result in the blood pressure falling sharply, leading to serious medical consequences.

In order to keep a suitable check on the irritation and agony that tinnitus can give rise to, plant products, such as seeds of the sunflower plant, Mistletoe Tea and the Passion flower are often made use of. When applied on a regular basis, these treatment regimes can also help in smoother circulation of blood in the head and neck of a tinnitus patient.

Also, one must not turn a blind eye to the highly useful medical product made in China, which is also known as the San-huang-hsin-tang. This formulation reduces the effects of the tinnitus disease by using a mixture of Coptis and Rhubarb components.

Coming to the homeopathic treatments, the general opinion is far from unanimous as to whether they actually yield the desired advantages. The Materia Medicas contains an exhaustive list of the probable symptoms of tinnitus, apart from the most prominent one (i.e., a never-ending ringing sensation to the ear). The sheer volume of these symptoms makes the creation of an effective homeopathic medicine, with the ideal composition, an extremely tough task. Moreover, these methods of treating need to take care of the unique body compositions of the patients, and hence, can vary from person to person.

The fact remains that, most or all, of the traditional methods to treat tinnitus try to tackle only the symptoms of the illness. They do not try to drive away the root causes from the body. The root causes of tinnitus can also be several, with they, and there are many triggers as well. All this makes tinnitus a rather complicated illness, and its causes must not be ignored. The holistic methods of tinnitus treatment, on the other hand, consider the entire body as a single functioning system, and then identify the factors that cause tinnitus. Once these factors are eradicated, the symptoms of the disease disappear as well, providing a complete cure. Not surprisingly, these holistic measures have been found to be greatly successful in helping patients get out of tinnitus.

Thomas Colman is a medical researcher, certified nutritionist, health consultant and author of the #1 best-selling e-book, “Tinnitus Miracle – A Unique Three Step Holistic System for Quieting the Noise in Your Head”. Thomas is a former chronic tinnitus sufferer who has written dozens of holistic health and tinnitus related articles and has been featured in ezines and print magazines, as well as on hundreds of websites worldwide.

The Standards of Professional Performance For Nursing

All professions have as their cornerstone and creed a code of ethics and or professional performance standards. The nursing profession is no different. As the field of nursing grows and changes in defining the role of a nurse, the central theme will always be that of caring. It can be said that, all other duties and responsibilities of nurses have centered around, “caring”. Caring has been described by many nursing theorist as the innate nature of a human being to be able to give unconditional help in the form of doing for, therapeutic communication, therapeutic touch, compassion, a gentleness of spirit and humbleness of knowing ones self.

Jean Watson, a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Counseling developed a theory of caring first published in 1979. She believed that caring was central to the profession of nursing as well as being the unifying principle of practice. The two major assumptions that she made are as follows:

1. Care and love constitute the primal and universal psychic energy.

2. Care and love are requisite for our survival and the nourishment of humanity.

Madeleine Leininger, a nurse and anthropologist proposed a theory of caring based on culture. She was able to see that how one society defines caring is not always the same as another society. For instance, in Asia, looking directly into another’s eyes is not a sign of respect but a sign of disrespect. Therefore a western nurse unaware of the Asian culture of caring would be seen as an uncaring and disrespectful person. Leininger termed this knowledge of cultural caring as, “transcultural nursing”.

“Her beliefs are that culture is the broadest and the most holistic way to conceptualize, understand, and be effective with people.” (1)

With the emergence of the, “caring”, theorists also came the emergence of “Standards of Profession Performance”. The two terms are entwined in their definitions. There cannot be one without the other. The American Nursing Association set forth the following requisites for standards of professional performance. It is within these standards that can be seen the unifying theme of caring.

Standard 1. Quality of Care.

The nurse systematically evaluates and effectiveness of nursing practice. The nurse does this by participating in peer review committees and in consistently evaluating his/her own performance and how her performance has enhanced the clients health and emotional wellness.

Standard II. Performance Appraisal

The nurse evaluates his/her own nursing practice in relation to the national and state statues set forth defining the role of nurse.

Standard III. Education

The nurse acquires and maintains current knowledge in nursing practice. Many states now require continuing educational credits to be earned by a nurse. The number of credits vary from state to state. However, a nurse cannot renew their license without proof of these continuing educational credits. These credits help to keep the nurse current with new medica/nursingl advancements related to patient care.

Standard IV. Collegiality

The nurse interacts with and contributes to the nursing profession by meeting with other professionals in the medical field, such as Physicians, Physical Therapist, Respiratory Therapists, and Home Care Coordinators, to exchange ideas and gain a mutual respect while stimulating a leaning environment that all will benefit.

Standard V. Ethics

The nurse’s decisions and actions in helping and caring for individuals are based on principles of ethics and institutional guidelines.

Standard VI. Collaboration

The nurse collaborates with other medical professionals in creating an environment for the clients that facilitate an increasing continuum of mental and physical wellness.

Standard VII. Research

The nurse will not cease to expand his/her educational horizons, and continue to seek out and explore new areas of research and statistics.

Standard VIII. Resource Utilization

The nurse will participate in committees within the organization to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of safety, costs in planning and delivering patient care.

It can be seen that within the guidelines of professional performance the center theme is the caring for the client from every aspect. It is within these guidelines that the nurse can better define his/her role as a the one individual who has the ability to enhance the clients mental and physical wellness by coordinating, educating, and working with others to promote a caring and supportive environment.

Top Skin Medica TNS Products

Skin Medica Products have become the preferred skin care solution for thousands of people with varying skin types. Skin damage is something that cannot always be avoided. Exposure to the sun, pollution and age take its toll on the face and causes it to start looking dull and lifeless and the skin begins to develop wrinkles and fine lines. Today you can find a vast array of products in the market that help in improving your youthful appearance but very few of these products actually provide lasting effects. Most of the time the effects are just temporary.

There are numerous over the counter products that are cheap but many of these have not undergone sufficient testing and could end up harming your appearance irrevocably. It makes a lot of sense to buy products of a good quality and which will provide consistent and lasting results. And that is what Skin Medica TNS products do for you. You can get the best eye cream, best wrinkle cream and anti-aging cream. You can get moisturizers and serums that reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and make your skin look young and glowing.

The Skin Medica TNS Serum is a very unique and a multi-faceted product that is especially designed to nourish and treat your skin. It has antioxidants, amino acids and proteins as well as an APS Corrective Complex. It works steadily and over a period of time you will see a marked difference in the way your skin looks and feels. It reduces hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines and also improves the elasticity.

This product also contains the patented NouriCel-MD. It has various natural human growth factors as well as other compounds that help in reducing the visible aging signs. They also improve the texture of the skin. Human fibroblast-conditioned media are the physiologically balanced and naturally secreted growth factors that help in improving the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and the overall tone & texture.

These products also have antioxidants that act on free radicals that tend to damage the cells. This also work very well with Vitamin E and give you a younger-looking appearance. The facial cleanser provides appropriate hydration and cleansing action and suits all skin types. The moisturizer is ideal for normal to oily skin and enhances the appearance of the skin. It has sunscreen and provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Having beautiful skin is about being regular with your care routine and using high quality products with consistency.

Skin Medica TNS products are specialized products that help in enhancing the look and feel of your skin. True MD offers all these products and you can also get expert advice from dermatologists. Also check out our new page on Skin Medica TNS.