Start Fresh With Skin Medica Skin Peel

We can’t fully reverse the signs of aging, but we can certainly give our skin a fresh start. The best anti-aging procedures offer benefits like: youthful-looking skin with little downtime, removing dead or damaged skin, and unveiling a whole new you. With the best skin peel system; Skin Medica’s Rejuvenises and Vitalize Peels provide you the highest level of satisfaction, delivering visible results in just one treatment.

The words “chemical peel” could make those unfamiliar with the procedure’s benefits anxious or scared; however, chemical peels are really just a form of exfoliation, a minimally-invasive and essential component of facial rejuvenation. Chemical peels optimize skin health and are beneficial for all skin types, skin colors and ages. Even if you think this procedure is not right for you, you may be surprised how quickly your skin responds.

Peels help remove damaged outer layers allowing a fresh, new layer of skin cells to naturally emerge. This results in both a renewing and therapeutic experience for the patient. If this renewal process could be achieved for every organ in the body, imagine how amazing we would feel!

A chemical peel has dual cosmetic and medical benefits. Cosmetically, skin renewal improves pore size, hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Medically, a chemical peel can improve acne, benign keratosis and actinic keratosis. We recommend chemical peels to those who want a more rapid improvement than a topical product could provide for those who don’t have time for laser treatments.

Chemical peels offer various benefits depending on skin type and desired result. Light peeling agents such as alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs)-glycolic, lactic or fruit acid, and Beta hydroxyl acids (BHAs)-salicylic acid are milder acids, induce a faster sloughing of the cells in the epidermis. Deeper peels are achieved with tricholoroacetic acid (TCA) and carbolic acid (phenol) and stimulate renewal in the dermis, the collagen-rich layer of the skin. Dermal regeneration can take weeks to months. The epidermis, however, heals in a few days giving the skin an improved appearance, more even skin color, smoother texture and a healthier glow. Specifically, chemical peels offer the following benefits:

  • Decreased fine lines, especially under the eyes and mouth
  • Improvement of mild scarring and certain types of acne
  • Reduction of skin discoloration, such as sun spots, age spots, freckles and blotchiness

Now wouldn’t you agree that you should take great care of your skin? Well what better way than to begin the new year with giving your skin what it deserves. Let your beauty shine!

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